What Smart Clients Know:
Mistakes To Avoid
When Selecting A Photographer

Planning a social event can be a lot of fun, but at times can be a little stressful. As you are no doubt finding out, there are many things to consider while selecting your photographer. We have outlined what we feel are the top mistakes brides make.

Mistake #1: Not Asking For a Guarantee You are getting ready to spend $30 thousand or moreon your special day. That's also the price of a new car or perhaps a very nice boat. Would you ever spend that kind of money without asking for a guarantee of some kind?

As far as we know, Charles Jablow Photography is the only photographer offering a guarantee IN WRITING. We help our clients relax in the confidence that we know what we are doing. Check out the things that are covered in our Satisfaction Guaranteed section.

Mistake #2: Assuming that 2 Photographers Are Better Than 1.

If you have a budget of $3500 and you have a choice between 2 average photographers or 1 photographic artist, you are going to be better off with the artistic photographer. Many photographers rely on the "shotgun" approach. This means they will take hundreds of images "hoping to get some good ones." The seasoned professional knows exactly what to look for and can pre-visualize an image.

However, we will provide a 2-photographer package if you want.

Mistake #3: Hiring a Do-It-All Photographer or a Weekend Warrior.

Many photographers today skip both the education and the apprenticeship. They easily get in "over their heads" and **YOU** pay the price. They say they practice "photojournalism," but much more is needed. True event photographers continue to keep up with the trends. When things go wrong, which type of photographer will you want?

Making Sure You Chose the Right Photographer

What amazes Charles about photography is the complexity of the craft. There are so many different possibilities and concepts. Plus, exposure, composition, lighting, posing, color, emotion, expression, framing, etc. The challenge to the photographer is to craft the proper mix of all of these elements to create the perfect photo.

Although it is easy to snap pictures, it requires a high degree of skill and experience to create beautiful images.

This is the reason why there are many good photographers, but few great ones. You have only one chance to capture those moments. If they miss it, you miss it forever, No amount of Photoshop will ever get it back.

Choosing Charles Jablow Photography will guarantee that you avoid the most common mistakes. You will get the right images taken at the right times.


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