"Everything in an image should give voice to the feeling you are trying to capture. Being an artist means capturing these moments for every client." -Charles Jablow

"Our Clients Say It Best"
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People Love the Way Charles Makes Them Look

Charles knows how to make people feel comfortable in front of his camera, regardless of age or background. And the results are obvious.

When you work with Charles Jablow, you will have lots of great images to choose from.


Early Professional Experience

His first professional job was in college, where for 4 years he worked for the Lehigh University Alumni Bulletin, providing him national distribution of his work.

At about this time, he was extremely fortunate to meet the renowned guru of lighting, San Diego photographer, Dean Collins. Charles studied for three years with Dean, learning everything possible, including the use of light that you almost never see today.

As Charles' photographic skills began to receive more attention, many of his friends began asking him to photograph their parties, weddings and affairs.

It's More Difficult Than It Seems

Growing up, Charles learned that it's easy to snap the shutter, but creating something beautiful is not so easy. There are exposure, composition, lighting, posing, color, emotion, expression, framing, etc. The challenge to the photographer is to craft the proper mix of these elements to create the perfect image.

You only have one chance to capture the moment. If you miss it, you miss it forever!


Learning From The Best

"Photographers should not be learning their craft at your expense. They should already know what to do." -Charles Jablow

Shortly after college, Charles found a higher level of artistic instruction from other nationally known professionals. (Galen Rowell of National Geographic and Charles Campbell - a freelance photographer) Charles joined the renowned Bachrach Studios in Boston, where he focused on the study of wedding photography and received top-flight instruction.

Years later, Charles studied for two years with world-renown photographer Clay Blackmore, bringing his skills to an even higher level.

"Everything starts with our clients: getting to know them personally, their needs, their moods. We know how important their wedding photos will be throughout their lifetime." -Charles Jablow

Keep in mind that Charles often books up quickly.

Charles only photographs 40 weddings per year.
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Charles Photographs President George Herbert Walker Bush

While Charles was working for Bachrach studios, the studio was contracted by the Catholic Archdiocese to cover the visit of President George Herbert Walker Bush to the Catholic Lawyers Guild. Bachrach picked Charles for this special assignment.

When Charles arrived on site, he found that many of the details of the shoot Bachrach had provided were incorrect. Thinking on his feet, he drove to the nearest professional photography shop, rented a special exotic lens that would work with his camera, and bought slide film. The photographs were so amazing, they were demanded by the printer for publication the next day. Bachrach loved the results and the Catholic Pilot Newspaper was extremely satisfied.

Years later, history repeated itself when Charles was one of the select group of photographers chosen to cover the Black Tie and Boots Inauguration Ball of the second President Bush.

"Our Clients Say It Best."
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Certified by PPA
Charles has earned the designation "Certified Professional Photographer" from the Professional Photographers of America. Fewer than 3% of all professionals have earned this degree (that's fewer than 2500 worldwide).