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"All I can say is “WOW, I love the album”!!! It is so beautiful and tells the story of our wedding day! I can’t wait to show it to my family and friends. Thank you for all of the work you did on our photos!!" - Nancy Reynolds

"Charles Jablow photography is AMAZING! Not only is Charles a fabulous photographer but he is very easy to work with. He was able to capture photos that will make a wonderful album/storybook of our wedding day. Every time I look at the photos I cry - they are tears of joy because the memories our beautiful wedding day all come flooding back. He also did a WONDERFUL job with our engagement photos. I highly recommend Charles Jablow Photograhy for your engagement/wedding or any occasion that requires a Professional!" Sincerely, Candace & David Hugdahl

"We knew that purchasing wedding photos (and album) weren't cheap, but we wanted them done professionally and correctly. We had to pay for our own wedding because we had no other choice. We came from little means. So we met with several referrals and we came across Charles Jablow's website. We liked the albums we saw so we decided to get a consultation. We were very pleased when we were done. The high level of expertise we found was very rare, and the value we got from the entire package was excellent and affordable! Definitely would recommend again. I will personally be using him again for any photography needs I have in the future." - Michael & Melissa Bothner

"Charles Jablow is the best photographer. I highly recommend him. He is professional and courteous and truly cares about his customers. When I hired Charles I knew I was going to have a quality photographer at my wedding. He really thought out all of the details before the event. Charles has such a great eye and really knows what makes a great wedding picture. He understands that, for you, this is a lifetime memory. I have been to many weddings where the photographers are annoying and "in your face". After my wedding I didn't even know Charles had taken any pictures. He was so unobtrusive and came away with the most amazing pictures! When I got my wedding album I was so amazed by what I saw. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. You will not be sorry if you choose Charles Jablow as your wedding photographer." - Rebecca Levy

"Love is a miraculous gift. Charles Jablow stood before us on a warm summer morning on Cape Hatteras, NC for a beautiful seaside ceremony. Family and friends formed a circle of support around us, a union most had waited long to witness and bless. We were there to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to cherish the words that unite husband and wife. We entered the union with open eyes and full hearts, and Charles captured each delicate moment. As ocean ripples cross and recross one another, photographic memories of our wedding day will too, touch and retouch one another. Charles provided an everlasting snapshot of the love and wishes we experienced that day on Cape Hatteras. You are family Charles, thank you." - Dawn & Dave Childs

"We loved working with Charles and we would recommend him to all our friends and family in the future!!" - Rachael Brownlee



"The photographs have come out excellent and we are very happy with the service provided by Charles and his team. We would definitely highly recommend him for your events and we would go to him again for our events as well." - Amit Vasavada

"Was a pleasure to work with Charles. Even though it was a hot day, he made the picture taking easy, comfortable and fun. We were impressed with the quality of the pictures and how well he captured our feelings. He was very professional and he answered all of our questions, giving us different options and prices. For our photography needs, he will be our top choice. We recommend him." - Anonymous



"Working with Charles and his team was a wonderful experience. They were accommodating not only during contract signing with helping us to customize a package that met our needs, but also with working with us and all of our other vendors when the wedding had to be pushed back by 6 months after being fully planned.

Charles is a very personable individual, always caring greatly about his customer. He is dependable, always on-time, and always ready to capture those important shots. Prior to our wedding day, we sent Charles a list of particular pictures we wanted at our wedding (i.e. family shots, friend shots, etc.). He followed through on every request.

Charles and his team developed a great payment schedule with us so we did not have to worry about one large expense prior to our wedding day. We were able to pay on a quarterly basis, which really helped in our budget planning. Furthermore, on one occasion, Charles allowed us to defer payment by a couple of days after our due date till a new billing cycle on our credit card so we would not be subject to interest charges.

Charles suggested some lovely locations to capture fall color for our engagement photos and they turned out great. Our wedding colors were vivid and bright, so it was important to us that our engagement photos set the stage for what was to follow.

We had a Catholic ceremony and Charles worked well with our Priest to remain unobtrusive yet involved enough to capture the moment effectively. Charles is talented at using the natural light available and with creating natural light when needed so that your photos always look their best.

Due to recent family tragedy, our wedding was a very emotional event in our family. Charles was sensitive to that and did a great job capturing the various emotions of the day.

Charles was engaged throughout the entire reception, capturing moments that we would have otherwise not been aware of due to the fast pace of the evening. (No matter how low key of an event you are throwing, there will be moments that fly by.) We had torrential rains the majority of our wedding day, yet Charles stayed on top of the weather so that during sunny moments we were able to get outside to embrace the beautiful scenery of our reception venue for couple and wedding party photos. However, during the rains, Charles was able to create backdrops from within the venue to capture the various family shots and still utilize the view of our venue.

We recently met with Charles to review our 'draft' final album (the delay in final product entirely our own doing due to family responsibilities). We were blown away by the caliber of the final product, we felt like we were reliving our wedding day at that time, almost a year later.

You will not regret hiring Charles and his team for your event. They did a fantastic job with our event, and we too hired him from a Bride referral." Tamara & James Bouse



Working with Charles and his team was a great experience. They were very responsive and anticipated my needs. My wedding was 4 months ago and we're still in touch as they make sure that you are truly satisfied with the final product. I will continue to use them and refer them to future brides. They truly capture every important detail from your wedding and give you an album that helps you relive your special day!

For any bride looking for great pictures, professional photographers and one less thing to worry about, Charles Jablow Photography certainly meets this criteria and more! - Zulema Perriera



Charles did a fantastic job taking my wedding pictures! He was early, professional, and easy to work with. He walked me through the entire procedure and blended in at the wedding. He responded quickly when I had questions. He was patient when I took a long time trying to pick which pictures to put in the album. My album was ready very quickly and looks gorgeous. -Elanna



"Charles Jablow has an eye for wedding photographs that few others have. He advertises that he tells the story of his customers' big day through his pictures. From our experience, he did just that and much more.
"From the very first meeting that we had with Charles, we felt that he was the photographer we wanted to tell our story. His sample albums speak for themselves in terms of the quality of the pictures that he takes. But we were most impressed with his take on the big day itself. He put great research into our wedding venues, suggesting the perfect spots for our pre-ceremony pictures. He acquiesced to our "untraditional" desire to have a bride-groom meeting prior to our ceremony, organizing a beautiful private meeting in a memorial garden behind our church. His professionalism and patience during every photo shoot was exactly what anyone would want from someone documenting one of the biggest days of their lives.
"We knew that we had made the right decision after our engagement photo shoot at the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. The Park Police officer saw us coming, and wanted to see a photo permit before he would allow us to take pictures with the gorgeous DC Cherry Blossoms in the background. Charles was able to convince the officer to allow us to take the pictures. Then afterward, he took photos that will hang on our wall for the rest of our lives….including the perfect photo for our save-the-date notices. That day was a perfect example of how Charles will go out on a limb, dedicating every resource to ensure that his customers receive exactly what they want.
Our wedding reception was an event that I will never forget. It was without doubt, the most fun I have ever had at a party. When I view the photos that Charles took on that night, it brings me back to the point that I feel I am re-living that party every time I open our album. Some photographers we interviewed advised that they often leave the reception before it is over. Charles took the opposite view, noting that some of the purest emotions and nicest pictures can be captured toward the end of the reception. Although it was a late night, he certainly proved his point. The best reception pictures happened in the last hour of our party.
I found viewing our photos in Charles's studio to be equally as fun as taking the pictures. His take on which images were worthy of our album helped us to construct the nicest collection of wedding photos that I have ever seen. I find myself looking at our wedding album on a near-daily basis, so glad that we made the best choice possible when it comes to wedding photographers." - Sara Williams and Michael Savage


"We would recommend Charles for anyone looking for fantastic pictures. There are a lot of photographers out there and we wanted someone with real qualifications, not someone that picked up a camera yesterday and calls themselves a photographer. There is also a wide ranges of prices out there... Charles is expensive, but certainly not the most expensive we saw. We liked the fact that his packages did not limit you to a certain number of hours or locations and a high resolution CD is included. He suggested a park for us to go to in between the church and the wedding. Those pictures turned out great with the fall leaves in color in the background. He also worked with us to customize a package. The engagement photos are amazing. He was very responsive with e-mail to help us coordinate all of the details. We are still working with him to finalize the pictures for our album. He took over 1200 photos!" - Stefanee and Dave



"Charles Jablow was the perfect photographer for our wedding in so many ways. Charles' not only did what we were expecting, he surpassed his job descriptiion in so many ways. From our engagement photo session to the wedding day to creating the wedding album, Charles and his staff were courteous, professional and flexible.

"The day of our engagement photo session saw a torrential downpour and because of this Charles worked with us to find a new time the next day, even on extremely short notice. When reviewing the pictures we got our first taste of the difficulty in narrowing a large selection of fabulous photographs into a few highlights.

"On our wedding day, Charles arrived to the church before most of the wedding party; he was one of the first to show up and the last person to leave. He showed up and was ready to work around our needs. Even when he was not taking pictures of us, he had scouted the area, the lighting and places around the grounds for prime photo backgrounds. The day of our wedding included a mix of candid and posed shots; this balance gave the final wedding album an extra intangible quality that makes it such a joy to look at again and again. Charles was on top of everything, when reviewing the photographs we saw that he didn?t miss a beat with any of the traditional moments during the ceremony or reception. In fact, we were so pleased with his pictures of the reception (e.g. the decorations, cake, etc.) because we were so busy that we didn?t get to the atmosphere as much as we wanted. Now the photos are in our wedding album and we can appreciate the fine detail of all the hard work that went into putting on this event.

After the wedding we moved across country. Charles and his staff worked with us to select our photos and start designing the wedding album. As previously mentioned, the most difficult task was narrowing hundreds of wonderful pictures into a wedding album. Two weeks after our wedding we were driving across country, and we had already seen the digital prototype of our wedding album. The detail and quality of the prototype was only surpassed by the real thing. Our wedding album is absolutely exceptional, a true memento to cherish for our lives together. Every person whom we share it with is amazed at the way the fresh and sleek layout accents the amazing quality of the photographs.

We are so pleased with our choice in Charles Jablow, and we highly recommend him for your photography needs."

Sincerely, Leah (Cullison) Krause & Jeffrey Krause


Charles is a great photographer! From the beginning when we were choosing album styles and discussing available packages to the detail in the finished product, Charles Jablow Photography was fantastic. Charles uses a unique photo selection process that allows you to compare side by side shots of the photos so you can make an informed selection for your wedding album. The pictures came out beautifully and the album is much more than a coffee-table masterpiece. He took all the right pictures to really capture the essence of the day. Five stars! - Kristin & Michael



Charles Jablow did a GREAT job on our wedding albums. His patience, professionalism, and punctuality was really appreciated. He had no time limits and was there from beginning to end of our wedding festivities. He and his assistant, Desiree, worked tirelessly to design and complete our wedding albums. They gave me many options and let me put my input in so that I could have the albums of my dreams. I have shown many family and friends and have recieved numerous compliments. Thanks so much Charles!!! - Ameeta Singh


"An outside view of Charles Jablow photography - Not your typical photographer"
by Brian Choper of Washington's Entertainment Connection Music Agency

What is quality? Can this be described in art? Remember, if you are hiring a photographer to shoot a wedding, party or Bar Mitzvah, the photos taken are the memories that are going to have to last you forever, whether you like them or not.

Recently, I have had conversations with people on the street who've confessed that they were signing contracts to hire photographers who were good but not great...who were not their favorite picks, but their prices were so much less that their favorite choices, they could not resist the offer. Let me suggest a thought.

Photographs are not just memories. They are pictures of memories. They are pictures that will trigger the memories in your head years in the future. The art of picture taking stems around knowing your gear and cultivating the experience to be able to see an opportunity and take that photo when the exact moment arises. If the skill and experience is lacking and those moments are not captured, the memories of that second in time will either be lost or will fade over time. It's a big deal.

Now, I understand that in these rough economic times, it is critical natural to want to cut corners and shave costs wherever possible. However, let me ask you, what is more important, your wedding cake or the memories of the wedding? Although you need to decide that for yourself, my point is that without the ability for the memories of the occasion to last forever....and to share with others....what's the point of hiring a photographer in the first place?

Why am I singling out Charles Jablow Photography? Well, let's say that I have seen the work of CJP, and can tell you they are not ordinary. Charles is a great choice in photography. Way above average. Now, that's my opinion, but let me explain why I believe this to be true. He is reliable, he cares about his work, he know the great shots when he sees them, he is patient, he knows the technical of the camera and of lighting AND he knows how to photograph events where people move about spontaneously. Those are a lot of ingredients, and if all of these attributes are not present in a photographer, you work with them at great risk.

What happens if something goes wrong with the equipment during an event? What happens if the photographer brings the wrong camera? I've seen this happen with other photographers. Disaster can happen. Putting this in perspective, I am not saying that disaster will happen. I am saying that there are various degrees to what a disaster can be, and this can be as basic as not liking the photos taken. Unfortunately, by the time you find that out, after having saved some money by not hiring your first choice, you are stuck forever with memories that are OK but not great... and definitely not the pictures you were hoping for when you decided to hire a photographer in the first place.

Charles Jablow Photography is your assurance that everything will go well and that you will love your pictures and your album for a lifetime to come.

Charles only photographs 40 weddings per year. If you'd like to reserve your spot, Call now.

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