"How To Look Your Best"

"I don't want to look fat!" We want you to look terrific too. First, we'll offer some basics on how to pose yourself. Next, we will show how the photographer's choices of camera and lens settings help you both look terrific!

Some simple changes will make you look even better in your portraits. Try practicing these before stepping in front of the camera.

Extend one foot forward.
When you extend a foot forward, your body will naturally turn on a 45 degree angle and your weight will automatically shift to your back foot. When this happens, you hold your shoulders back, straighten your posture and raise your head (but NOT your chin!). Your hips appear narrower in the angle your body naturally shapes when you simply stand with one foot forward.


Extend your Elbows Slightly
Creating a "V" with your elbows on either side of your ribs and waist will do the most for slimming your waistline and accentuating your natural curves. You want to create a diamond between your waistline and your arms. Try it, but make sure you do not rest your arms on your body- connecting your arms with your body will make you look bigger.


Eyes Open Wide
Open your eyes and tip your head towards your high shoulder (probably the front shoulder). You'll find that by opening your eyes, you can have a more natural smile. Think of smiling with your eyes and the smile will simply happen. Thinking about something that makes you happy helps a lot too. Relax and be the star of your own portrait - it will show.


Keep Your Back Straight
Think of lining your vertebrae up one on top of the other, lift your ribcage and open your shoulders, just as you do when you take a deep breath. Standing straight conveys confidence and improves your bearing.


Go With The Pro -

Selecting a professional photographer who understands the correct lens to use for each situation and knows how to use it properly is key. Would you see a hairdresser without cosmetology license to style your hair on your wedding day?

Taking out all the technical details and jargon, we want to point out that a knowledgeable and artistic photographer can use the characteristics of different lenses to your advantage. That will improve how you look in your wedding photographs. As you can see, there are dramatic differences in the couple's appearances due to the lens selection and camera settings.


Note the distance each couple is from the photographer and how much distance or vista is shown in the backgrounds of each image. Different lenses and techniques were used to create these two gorgeous images.

No matter how well posed you are, inappropriate lens selection or improper camera settings will ruin the image, and no amount of Photoshop manipulation will be able to fix it.

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