"Common Mistakes Photographers Make"
"What You Don't Know Can Hurt You"

Recently, a lot of people have been selling themselves as professionals. Here are mistakes they are making and how these mistakes can hurt you.

Mistake #1: Not Offering a 100% Guarantee.
There are so many wedding photographers making so many mistakes. Offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee is too scary for them to consider. If you know your business and can bring back great images from every occasion, you should guarantee your work. If you can't, people will be unhappy.

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Mistake #2: Taking one's Photography Hobby and Turning Pro with no Apprentiship.

The economy has encouraged many people with no training to turn to photography to make some extra money. However, there is no understanding of how hard things can become at a social event.

Hobbiests naturally think the camera is making the picture. The truth is that only a photographic artist can create beautiful images. Somehow, your pictures do not turn out like the samples (as countless clients have discovered). There are no do-overs, so choose carefully.

Keep in mind that you are you are purchasing MEMORIES and ART. You should not be purchasing just CDs and albums.

Every year, people call us and say, "We came to see you, we didn't use you, but we wish we had. Can you fix my pictures?" Unfortunately, we can't.

Mistake #3: Older Film Photographers Often Don't Update their Style.
astes change. Together, Photojournalism and Portraiture provides you the best mix of images. Most photographers are good at only one or the other. Usually, you don't find this out until after the wedding.


Mistake #4: Throwing Groups Together With No Organization. I see photographers just gathering everyone together and they take a picture. It just doesn't look good. Doing it right does take a little more time and effort, so many photographers today just don't bother.

Mistake #5: Ignoring Body Types. You would think that a professional photographer would be good at making people look good, but it's seldom so. Exceptional photographers take classes and work hard to make their subjects look good. Those without training or apprentiship don't seem to care.

This is not the way to capture the beauty of a bride on the most important day of her life.

Mistake #6: Not Focusing on Customer Service.

We have heard so many stories about photographers who don't answer the phone when customers have a problem. The consumer really has no recourse at that point, since the photographer has technically met the terms of the contract.

At Charles Jablow Photography, we pride ourselves on our customer service, on very happy clients, and on our ability to please even the most demanding clients. Pleasing you is the reason we're here.


Mistake #7: Not Capturing All the Relatives in Groups This is not the "fun stuff" again. We have heard so often from brides who used photographers who simply forgot many of the relatives they should have captured. Gathering these same people, dressed up, all in one place at one time - it's simply not going to happen again.


Mistake #8: Not Seeing Places and How to Pose People in Them We have seen supposedly professional photographers take people into beautiful parks; yet make ordinary, uninteresting pictures. The people do not look good, groups are forgotten, and memories are lost forever. It's very sad and there are no do-overs.


Mistake #9: Not Charging Properly.

New clients hire people whose personalities are nice. But being a nice guy or gal is simply not enough when the results are not what you expect.

It can be a little harder to find a photographer who is competent, interested in your satisfaction, and who is willing to work with you. If you come to us, we **GUARANTEE** it will be!


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